"Cupcakes" is a line of dolls created by Tonka in 1990, then by Kenner from 1991-1993. Hasbro purchased Tonka in 1991, of which Kenner was a sub-division, and shifted production there. They were a series of dolls with plastic skirts which when turned inside out transformed into edible goodies with their hats becoming the icing. They were also scented, similar to Cherry Merry Muffin and Strawberry Shortcake dolls. They each came with a handbag shaped comb. There were seven different sets made, five of which turned into cupcakes, one set which turned into sundae glasses, one set of similar dolls that turned into popcorn, and another set which turned into jam jars. Along with the dolls there were several play-sets and accessories produced too. Cupcakes had a small revival in 1998 when Fun Source re-issued a few of the dolls, and then again by Radica in 2005. The originals are therefore becoming more collectible on the second hand market. They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe.

Tonka Slogan: "Welcome to Cupcakeland, a magical world where fancy cakes turn into beautiful dolls! Cupcakes hide inside their wrappers 'til it's time to surprise - then out they pop!"

Radica Slogan: "Look at all the cool things I come with. You get a brush to comb my hair, my Icing Hat to make me look pretty, and a beautiful matching charm like mine for you to wear. To transform me from a cupcake into a beautiful girl, first take off my Icing Hat, then unfold my shell and out I come to be your magical friend."

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